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My name is Shilpa. I work full time, am a mommy to two wonderful girls, and a foodie at heart. I enjoy cooking different cuisines, love developing new recipes, as well as tweaking existing traditional recipes. I try to cook nearly everyday. I like to introduce different foods to my family. I am originally from India and currently live in Dallas. Over the years, I have learnt to cook different cuisines.

My mom is an amazing cook. While I was growing up I would see her whip up awesome food, different cuisines, and multiple recipes within a matter of minutes. People from all over would come to our house to eat her food. Her recipes are perfect. The best thing is she never ever taste tests, or even measures her spices. She just randomly throws the ingredients in the pot and voila you have gourmet food. She is the main reason I developed my love for cooking, food, and variety. I am trying to incorporate a lot of her recipes in my blog. She made home made peanut butter for us in the 80’s and 90’s, bake cake (both with eggs and egg-less), make macaroni with potatoes, tricolor sandwiches, and even dal (lentil) waffles! These things were unheard of back in the day in India.

My mother-in-law on the other hand makes the best Kashmiri food. After getting married I learnt a lot of authentic Kashmiri recipes from her. She is the main motivation for me to post Kashmiri recipes.

My family was also in the restaurant business. I think that’s another reason I developed the love for cooking and food. My family is originally from Kashmir so I grew up eating a lot of Kashmiri food. However, I grew up in Mumbai, so that enabled me to try all kinds of food.

After moving to the U.S. I realized that my kids are missing out on all the food I grew up eating. That’s when I felt the need to cook all the diverse food that was available to me at home, my friends homes, neighbors homes and in restaurants as well as the streets of India. I decided that I need to introduce my kids to all the different foods I grew up eating, or else they will never know. This is my effort to best preserve our food culture and the Kashmiri food heritage for our next generation.

Kashmiri’s eat a variety of meats (mainly lamb or goat), and a variety of vegetables. The vegetables used in our cuisine are so diverse and so easy to make. For example, radish, collard greens, kohlrabi, turnips, lotus root, and several others. Vegetables that you wouldn’t find in a typical Indian meal.
I am so excited to share my recipes with everyone. Hope you enjoy cooking these as much as I do!
“Laughter is brightest where food is best”– Irish quote

What am I going to be posting?
80 percent Indian food recipes and 20 percent other cuisines. A lot of my recipes are going to be authentic Kashmiri and North Indian recipes. I will also post a lot of fusion recipes (North India meets South India). Additionally, I will post a lot of quick simple recipes. I feel these days our lives are so busy and it is hard to accommodate cooking in our busy schedules. My aim is to help overcome that challenge and cook quick, healthy, homemade curries, and vegetables.