Pahadi Aloo / Pahari Aloo

Instant Pot Pahadi Aloo / Aloo Ke Gutke / Instant Pot Potato Wedges Cooked in Indian Spices



Besan Palak Chilla / Besan Palak Cheela / Chickpea Flour Spinach Omlette

Besan Chilla is made from chickpea flour. You can add vegetables of your choice. I have added spinach, tomatoes, and onions in this recipe. You can add carrots, and mushrooms as well. This recipe is very easy and is something that you can whip up really quickly. I often pack this as a school snack / lunch for my kids. People often also label besan chilla / cheela as a vegetarian omelette or a vegetarian pancake. This recipe makes about …

Kashmiri Rice Flour Roti – Kashmiri Tschur Tschut

Kashmiri Rice Flour Roti – Kashmiri Tschur Tschut  is a traditional Kashmiri rice flour tortilla. It is a breakfast item typically eaten with tea. It is crispy and yummy. As a child I grew up eating this. I introduced it to my kids and they love it too. It is super easy to make. Sometimes when I am strapped for time I make this and the kids are ever ready to eat it. This is a go to snack in …

Instant Pot Achari Aloo – Potatoes in Pickled Spices

Instant Pot Achari Aloo – Potatoes in Pickled Spices is a spicy, tangy, and a sour potato dish. If you have a taste for pickles you are going to love this recipe. You cant go wrong with potatoes and pickles. It is super easy to make in an instant pot and doesn’t require onions or tomatoes. Achari dishes for instance, achari chicken, potatoes, and others are made a lot in North India especially in the state of Rajasthan. Achari spices can …