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Instant Pot Stuffed Eggplant – Bharwan Baingan

Love eggplant, but don't want to fry it? Try this Instant Pot Stuffed Eggplant – Bharwan Baingan recipe. This Indian recipe is an impressive side dish.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Appetizer, Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4




  • Firstly, select sauté on the instant pot and adjust to normal. Further, add in desiccated dried coconut, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, whole red chili pepper and raw peanuts. Let them dry roast for about 3 to 4 minutes until they become fragrant and the peanuts change color. When done press cancel.
  • Next remove the roasted ingredients from the pot and let them cool. Finely grind them in a grinder to a fine powder.
  • Further add in ground turmeric, salt, and tamarind paste and mix well with a spoon. Set aside.
  • Rinse the eggplants well and starting from the bottom slit the eggplant upto an inch above the stem. Turn the eggplant 90 degrees and make another slit. There should be 4 slits in all. Once done, stuff the eggplants with the ground spice mix.


  • When ready to cook select sauté on the instant pot and adjust to normal. Next, add in oil.
  • When the oil is hot add in mustard seeds. Consequently, when the mustard seeds splutter, add in any left over spice mix and curry leaves.
  • Also, add in the stuffed eggplants in a single layer.
  • Finally, add in 1/2 cup water.
  • Press cancel. Close the lid and select manual/high pressure for 3 minutes. 
  • When done quick release the pressure. Select sauté and get rid of excess water if any.
  • Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve with rice or tortilla.


  • I used small eggplants about 2 and 1/2 inches long. In case you choose larger eggplants you can increase the pressure time to 4 to 5 minutes. If your egg plants are small please select 3 minutes or else, they will get mushy.
  • If the eggplants are not fully cooked you can select sauté and cover with a glass lid and cook them for a few minutes.
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