AquaPure Produce Purifier – I Love It – As a blogger, I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to try out various products and share my honest opinions with my readers. Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the AquaPure produce purifier, which was generously provided to me by their team.

AquaPure Produce Purifier - Absolutely Love it
AquaPure Produce Purifier – Absolutely Love it

AquaPure Produce Purifier – I Love it

I was impressed with how the AquaPure uses regular tap water and a small amount of salt to create a powerful cleaning solution that effectively removes pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants. The solution works by attacking the harmful substances on your produce and decomposing the molecules so they can be easily rinsed off with water.

The AquaPure achieves this through a process called electrolysis, in which an electrical current is used to produce a chemical change. By electrolyzing water (H2O) containing some sodium chloride (salt), the AquaPure generates two useful compounds: chlorine (CI2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which are both strong oxidants and widely used disinfectants.

Both chlorine and sodium hypochlorite, which is also generated through the electrolysis process, attack and decompose the pesticide molecules, leaving your produce clean and safe to eat.

I also appreciate that AquaPure goes through extensive quality control before being delivered to customers, ensuring that it meets high standards for quality and lab-test results. Plus, the device is waterproof, PVC & BPA free, and comes with a 90-day trial and 1-year warranty.

While there may be imitation versions of the AquaPure on the market, I strongly recommend purchasing only from their trusted sources, such as their website, official Amazon store, and BestBuy (CA). As AquaPure expands to other retailers, such as, Wayfair, and Walmart, I look forward to seeing more people benefit from this innovative product.

In Conclusion –

As someone who conducts market research in the environmental space, I possess a deep understanding of the chemicals present in our environment and products. With this knowledge, I have found that Aquapure brings me a great sense of relief. This device is incredibly easy to use and has made my daily routine so much more convenient.  After each use, I simply give it a quick rinse for a few seconds with the top removed to keep it in tip-top shape. Once a month, I fully remove the electrolysis membrane and rinse it to ensure that there’s no dirt build-up.

When it comes to charging, it couldn’t be simpler! I just use the magnetic cable that comes with the device and hold it at the right-side angle near the charging port. It snaps into place effortlessly and my device is ready to go in no time. Just keep in mind that if you’re using your Aquapure on a daily basis like I am, you’ll need to recharge it every two to three weeks. Overall, I highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a hassle-free produce purification solution.

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