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Kashmiri Recipes and Quick Easy Meals

Hello and welcome to my blog and home page. Here you will find Kashmiri Recipes and Quick Easy Meals. Also, I will be posting a lot of Instant Pot and air fryer recipes.

My name is Shilpa . I work full time, am a mommy to two wonderful girls, and a foodie at heart. Click on this link to learn more.

Additionally, I enjoy cooking different cuisines, love developing new recipes, as well as tweaking existing traditional recipes.  I am originally from India and currently live in Dallas.

Preserving Kashmiri Culture through Food Recipes – 

This blog is my attempt to preserve Kashmiri food culture by sharing traditional Kashmiri Pandit recipes with the world. The initial idea was to document the recipes so that my children could have them. However, I realized that If I document Kashmiri Pandit recipes somewhere I could save the Kashmiri food culture for generations to come. If we distance ourselves from our own roots, our culture, our food, we will lose our identity. Unfortunately, migration did just that for Kashmiri Pandits. Moreover, we have unknowingly distanced ourselves from our roots. Additionally, my children will never know the culture, will never see our home.

Kashmiri Pandits are a very small population and migration diluted our population even more. Also, after I moved to the U.S, I realized that the fortification of tradition is much more complex than we can imagine.

Our lives and our culture were disrupted by ethnic cleansing. That’s when it dawned on me that it is important to preserve Kashmiri culture in the form of food, by passing our knowledge to our kids and grandkids. It’s important that they start learning very young. Food has always been an important part of one’s identity.

In our fast paced and busy lives, it gets challenging to cook food regularly. Also, through this blog and recipes, I want to empower people to be able to cook healthy, quick, easy recipes within minutes for themselves and/or their families. Thank You for stopping by!

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