Some of My Articles and Modelling Work

Other than creating recipes, which I am truly passionate about, I am a researcher, engaged with colleagues on several projects. Moreover, I have been writing and conducting market research, mainly in the environmental sector for over 18 years. While I was in college, I used to model as a hobby. Modelling gave me an opportunity to fulfill my curiosity for the modelling industry. I had the opportunity to immerse myself into an exciting environment and forge some great friendships and memories.

My passions have been the energies of my life in every stage. Modelling when I was younger, market research and writing since I was 22, and now blogging about food.

I had the opportunity to model for some top brands in India. Some of those include Clinic Plus Shampoo, Big Baazar, Everest Pav Bhaji Masala, Akai TV, Bournvita, HDFC Bank, Kenstar, Femina, Asian Paints, Vaseline, Knorr Soup, and several others.

Further, I truly believe there is so much in life to learn from, explore, and experience. In my crazy busy life, instead of aiming for perfection, I have started to aim for happiness. I remind myself that this is the goal every single day.

I have been lucky enough to write on topics from beauty, nutrition, essential oils, consumer products, sustainability, lifestyle, water, air, and the environment. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to deliver several presentations. I truly believe if you chase your passions wholeheartedly, you can create heck of a story. So, here is mine. 

Here are some of my articles and modelling work

Some articles that I authored for Water Quality Magazine

Articles for Water Quality Magazine

An article for Water Online Magazine on Analytical Instruments U.S. Analytical Instruments Market

Another one on Ultrapure Water

My take on The PFAS Water Treatment Market PFAS Water

Here are some links to my commercials that I could find online. Unfortunately I don’t have any video’s stored with me to upload. 

Everest Pav Bhaji Masala TV Commercial – Everest Pav Bhaji Masala Zee TV

Akai TV Commercial – Akai TV Commercial in Star Sport

Bournvita TVC Commercial – Shilpa Tiku – Bournvita YouTube

Print ADS

Some of My Articles and Modelling Work Shilpa Tiku
Kenstar AD – Shilpa Tiku
Some of My Articles and Modelling Work
An Ad I did for Femina on Mental Health
An ad for HDFC Bank Shilpa Tiku
HDFC Bank Print
Shilpa Tiku in Unilevers Balance Sheet
Cover of Unilever’s Balance Sheet
Write up in Mumbai Times - Shilpa Tiku
Times of India write up – Mumbai Times

Shilpa Tiku In Vaseline Ad
Vaseline Print
Home Gym Market Shilpa Tiku
An article I authored on the home gym market for Beauty Global Network


And, finally here is the link to the Recipes

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