I am a tea lover always looking for a new tea adventure and this week I had the opportunity to try out the Tea Runners Subscription Box. I’ve been getting into drinking a lot of different  teas; mainly loose leaf tea and that’s how I have discovered Tea Runners. So, Tea Runners is among most popular loose leaf tea subscription boxes in North America,  that allows users to fully customize every box. And, its perfect for people like me who love tea and drink it every day. 

Tea Runners
Tea Runners

Tea Runners usually have 30+ customization options available per month. Buyers can customize the 1st box when they sign up for the subscription. Further, they will receive an email on the 25th of the month reminding them that its time to customize the next month’s box. Also, the subscription boxes are excellent as users can receive all different types of tea to try out and decide what ones they like and don’t like.

What I love about the subscription box –

  • Variety – 400 + teas to choose from
  • Customized – You pick your teas of choice
  • Rare hard to find teas

Tea Runners subscriptions contain 4 loose leaf tea pouches. And, each box is curated with 4 top quality teas, however, customers can completely customize each shipment from 30+ featured tea options. When you open the box you are greeted with the teas packed in resealable pouches with 0.75-1.2 ounces of tea per pouch (enough to make 30-40 cups of tea).

So onto the taste test; the flavors I received were Caramel Toffee, Almond Sugar Cookie Dessert, Flowering Feng Qing Tea Cones & Mighty Mango. Pretty unique flavors.

Flowering Feng Qing Tea Cones

These delightful tea cones are hand-made from the highest quality Feng Qing Dian Hong black tea from Yunnan, China. This tea had a delicious, robust aroma and is naturally sweet.

Caramel Toffee Pu-erh

Ingredients include Pu-erh tea, natural flavor, blackberry leaf. This was another delightful blend, where you could make out two distinct tastes of caramel and toffee. This tea is medium high in caffeine with a bold taste but has sweet notes.

Almond Sugar Cookie Dessert Black – Ingredients include: Black teas, almonds, almond sugar cookie flavoring and safflower blossoms. This green tea smells lovely in the bag, and it has a light, refreshing taste. I added a little sugar and milk and I would definitely recommend it if you like the flavor of almonds.

So there we go, my Tea Runners Subscription Box review – I loved every one of these blends and the perky names given to each one adds a bit of fun! This is definitely the beginning of my new journey to broaden my tea horizons.

Moreover, here is a link to some of our tea recipes.

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