YOKEKON 6-cup (cooked) Rice Cooker, equipped with advanced rice cooking technology from Japan, can reduce the carb content in rice by up to 48% with its carb-reducing basket. This makes it an ideal choice for diabetics or health-conscious individuals.

YOKEKON 6-cup (cooked) Rice Cooker
YOKEKON 6-cup (cooked) Rice Cooker

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to traditional rice? Try YOKEKON 6-cup (cooked) Rice Cooker

Low carb rice might be the perfect option for you.

But that’s not all! The small but functional rice cooker can prepare up to 6 cups of cooked rice or 3 cups of uncooked rice in a single batch. It’s perfect for smaller kitchens or individuals and couples. With 8 cooking functions, including quick cook, white rice, brown rice, sushi, risotto, low carb, steam, and cake, this rice cooker can meet all your cooking needs while automatically achieving the best taste, texture, and aroma.

Plus, it comes with a steamer and delay timer function. The carb reduction basket can be used not only for making low carb rice but also for steaming vegetables or other ingredients. The delay timer allows you to prepare your ingredients and make a preset before going out, so you can enjoy delicious rice when you get home. And when cooking is complete, the rice maker will automatically enter the keep-warm function.

The spherical, non-stick inner pot is durable and healthy with easy-to-read water level lines and allows for uniform heating. The removable non-stick inner pot and detachable inner lid make cleaning easy.

The rice cooker also features a decoration panel, which is resistant to friction and prevents the surface from being scratched. It keeps the color vivid and not easy to fade for a long time. And with the smart control panel, you can easily select different cooking functions with corresponding cooking times. After finishing cooking, just one-touch to open the lid to enjoy your meal.

In conclusion, low carb rice is a healthier rice choice, and the rice cooker with advanced rice cooking technology makes it easy to prepare. With its small size, multiple functions, and easy-to-clean design, it’s an ideal choice for any home cook.

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